My name is Artur Muller. I am a Graphic Designer based in London and Prague. I enjoy technology, art and especially their combination. You can have a look at my work on Behance or see my design and tech related answers on Quora. For freelance work and general enquires feel free to drop me a line.

Illustrating a book - by Paper

Who said that there is no such thing as content creation on the iPad? 


I have the pleasure to announce that in the next couple of weeks I will be illustrating a book, from start to finish, with Paper.

If you are following my blog, you might have already seen a couple of drawings that might make it to the final publication!

The book, by a mediation and conflict resolution expert Dana Potočková, will be coming out this summer. I will be posting sneak peeks and more updates about the book in the near future!


Paper on paper

I like Paper. A lot. In fact it is probably my favourite iPad app along with iA Writer and Instapaper. It really encourages you to create, and honeslty, creation is one of those things that cannot be encouraged enough.

So you are sitting there, happily drawing, probably grinning like and idiot because you never knew you can draw this well. And now you have finished a piece that you really like. What do you do with it? You have already shared it to Twitter, Tumblr… It’s not enough. You don’t want to constantly keep going to your iPad to obsess about how pretty your artwork is.

You turn your head - there it is - in the corner of your room.  Most of the time, it seems like it only understands half the instructions your computer is trying to give it. The toner is probably made out of £50 bills because there is no other way it would cost so much. It gathers dust faster then anything else in the world. The printer.

How big can you print your sketches?

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